Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine


    Introduction Glazed Steel Tile Roll Forming Machines are researched and developed by our company independently with distinctive technological characteristics. Glazed Steel Tile Roll Forming Machines, which have exquisite construction and attractive appearance, the perfect computer controlling system and friendly operating system of the touchable screen make the operating of the equipment and the installation of data convenient very much, the user has not any trouble. Glazed Steel Tile Roll Forming Machines have perfect accessory equipment.
Main Roll forming machine technique data Color Steel Sheet Thickness: 0.3~0.8mm Color Sheet and galvanized sheet Roller Stations: About 18 stations Way Of Drive:1.2 inch single chain The speed of the roll forming machine:0-12m/min Roller Material: 45# forge steel, coated with chrome Shaft Material and DIA:¢76mm, material is 45# forge steel Main Motor Power: 7.5kw Error of Cutting Distance of Glazed Tile: ±1-2mm Roll Forming Machine: 8700mm×1622mm×1400mm Roll Forming Machine: 8000kg Press parts: Type:Hydraulic Hydraulic Station Power: 5.5kw Size of the press parts: 2000*1800*1500mm
The equipment produced by our company has the following advantages: 1. The equipment control is PLC control, and multiple safety protections are set during normal production. 2. The bed is made of welded steel plate. And tempered to eliminate internal stress and avoid deformation of the fuselage. 3. The forming frame is cast-iron structure and tempered. High strength and long service life. 4. The material of the roller shaft is 40Cr, and after quenching and tempering, the hardness is HB280.
Technological process Uncoiling—Feeding with guide——Roll forming—Pressing&Cutting—Products collecting