CZ Purlin machine


1. The specification of the rolling production (mm): 80-300×L (see appendix 1)
2. The speed of the roll-in: 12-15M/min
3. The number of the roller: 18
4. The material of the roller: use the excellent hammered steel Cr15 to be quenched as a whole, then to process by numerical control.
5. The material of the principal axis: use the excellent steel No.45 to process.
6. The power of the principal electric motor: 11kw
7. Hydrodynamic station cut: 7.5kW
8. Drive-by-wire system: The whole machine uses the PLC industrial computer to control by frequency conversion.
9. The size of the shape equipment: 10.3×1.5×1.2 (see the appendix 2)
10. The gross weight of the equipment: 10 T

11. Accessories: one set of the stacking shelf, one set of leveling mechanism, one set of punching and cutting mechanism, one set of hydrodynamic station, one set of computer control system (Panasonic programmable PLC, touchable display screen, a series of Panasonic transducers, and OMRON encoder) a set of material shelf.