Pallet upright rack machine


  1. Suitable Plate Material: thickness 2-3mm, Galvanized steelS235JR
  2. Working Speed: 3-4meters / min
  3. Forming machine: About 20 stations
  4. Material of Roller: Gcr15, Quench HRC58-62 Plated Chrome
  5. Material of Shaft: 45# Advanced Steel (Diameter: 85mm), thermal refining
  6. Driven system: Gear box driven
  7. Main Power with reducer: 18.5KW WH Chinese Famous
  8. Cutting: Hydraulic Cutting Cr12mov
  9. Material of Cutting Knife: Cr12Mov, Quench HRC58-62
  10. Hydraulic Station Power: 22KW Wuxi Wanshen Famous Chinese Brand
  11. The whole machine is controlled by industry computer-PLC.
  12. 12 PLC–Delta English and Chinese Language
  1. Touch Screen–Delta
  2. Encoder–Omron, Japan
  3. Electric parts–Schneider
  4. Outline of main about 12500mm*800mmm*800mmwith mesh cover
  5. Weight : about 20 tons